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About Gorge Computer Repair

Gorge Computer Repair is a locally owned and operated Information and Technology (IT) support provider. Our intent is to offer an affordable in business and in home repair, troubleshooting, setup and training solution in everything IT. For many small business's having an IT staff just doesn't fit in the budget; however, business is becoming more and more IT oriented. Gorge Computer Repair is here to be the cost effective answer to this dilemma. We are here to help local people and business with their computer and technology needs.

Gorge Computer Repair provides many IT services to include the following:

  • Desktop and laptop repair
    • Hard drive replacement, keyboards, laptop screens ...
  • Networking setup
    • Switches, routers, firewall, wiring ...
  • Wi-Fi setup
    • Access points ,controllers, setup, troubleshooting ...
  • Home automation
    • Network controlled and automated lights, thermostat, security and much more
  • Software setup and support
  • Website building
    • An online presence is very helpful with any business today.
  • Printer setup and maintenance
  • Server setup and maintenance
  • Virus removal
    • Oh no, your computer is infected and barely working! Not to worry, we can get it cleaned up quickly and affordably.
  • Training
    • Do you have a certain computer task you just don't quite understand? Maybe you just want a more efficient way of getting something done. We are here to help.
  • Phone setup and help
    • Android, Iphones, desk phones, VOIP ...

Gorge Computer Repair provides many other services as well. Call or email about any projects or issues you need help with.

We would love to be able to help with your next IT problem. Email or call us with any issues or advice that are needed. We are happy to help.